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Here is what's come down (or is that up?) the pipe. Updated 10/22/09

10/22/09 - This isn't a real update, unfortunately. TF writing continues, just at a more glacial pace than usual. I will be doing a little housecleaning though... fixing some fics, removing crap that hasn't been updated in a million years (or at least the since I had this website). When I do have new ficcage to post, you'll see it here first!

12/5/08 - Yeah, yeah, a year and a half and all I have to show for it is one lousy fic. Get it while it's still new. I also cleaned up the fic page in general, including getting rid of unfinished ficcage. Instead, I added a Work in progess section. Who knows when these will get done, as I'm working on not only original stories, but also a new weather website. Free forecasts, everyone! Come and get 'em!

4/26/07 - Thoust eyes do not deceive. Three new fics in one month. This one is a little diddy you might like if you liked "A One and A Two..." and "Love Bytes."

4/20/07 - Nostalgic for the days when bad teenage odes to love were considered good things, but wish it was mixed with giant robot goodness? Have got the fic for you!

4/10/07 - Ah yes, for the first time in almost a year, I am using my "updated" gif. Follow the link to the new fanfic, or Quickstrike will shoot you in the face.

The Magazine Rack

Like all good magazine racks, this one is split into two sections. Kick back and read all you like. Simply click the section you want. And remember to put it back for the next person to enjoy.


Many Transformer fans enjoy writing fanfiction. I just happen to be one of them.


This section consists mostly of essays in my "Prisoners of War" series, but I might have a couple of others lying around here somewhere to toss into the mix as well.

Hoist's Hollywood Corner

Come visit Hoist as he gives you the grand tour (well, tour anyway) of the Transformers cartoons. He will entertain you (as much as a mechanic can) with his "Haiku Reviews." He'll also stand out of the spotlight while his fellow thespian, Skullgrin, let's you in on little known facts about the Transformers Universe in his aptly-named section "It's a Little Known Fact..."

The Wall

Because every watercloset needs some pretty pictures to just look at. It's got some pictures of Transformer toys in action. It's also got a picture of a little known Beast Machines toy. But don't let her fool you. She's too evil to be a Maximal.

The Energon Bath

Fun fun fun!* Come on in and wade through some songs, some Choose Your Own Adventure stories, and maybe more... you know, if I can think of anything...

* Not applicable if this isn't your idea of fun.

The Nickname Lists

Nicknames have always been an important part of Transformers, but I first really started noticing them with Beast Wars. It certainly didn't begin there, not did it end there...

Suggestions and Comments

Kinda self-explanatory. I'm always looking for ways to improve my fanfics, essays, or even this page. Drop me a line. Personally I think it's worth to pop into this page just to see the...unique...picture. Just remember to wash your hands first. Hopefully, Rattrap remembers too.

The lights...they make me...dizzy...

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